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Dissociation and Addiction: The Dilemma of Emotion

This article is now available in the March, 2014 edition of Sober World Magazine (p. 28). The summary and references for this article is provided below: Here I am observing the occurrence of addiction as both an individual and collective experience.  Addiction can be seen as a cyclical, chronic compulsion overwhelming the psyche to seek and use … [Continue]

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The Struggle Towards Compassion

I have been interested in how societal interpretations regarding the individual, the addict, might be constructed in addition to the concept of compassion towards those who are addicted. Mooney (2005) informed, “public compassion matters even if quantified evidence to prove this point is scant” (p. 140). Yet when does an individual ever hold … [Continue]

A Paradox: The Chaos of Truth

Datson (2012), author of Soul Spelunker from his entry titled, Pantheism and Panentheism, stated “I don't think it is inconsistent when I contradict myself by asserting two seemingly contrary ideas. There is much truth in paradox. One must attempt to transcend the typical polarities and adhere to the tension of the opposites” (Soul Spelunker, para … [Continue]

Isolation and Fantasy: A Fragmentation of Identity

Last week I discussed the conceptualization of identification in regards to the individual addict. In addiction, there is a great deal of focus on sobriety and stopping the behaviors related to addiction. However, if the substance is removed, and the behavior is stopped, what, then, is the addict left with if their sense of self is connected to … [Continue]

Torment and Addiction: The Shadow and Paradox

There is a moment when a phenomenon unveils the heavy drapery of time, a moment when the impact of experience will ripple beyond what one may comprehend. I am speaking to the psychological impact of an experience. To a degree one might hold the capacity to empathetically embrace the profound polarities of potential insight and torment percolating … [Continue]

Depth of the Psyche

I want to briefly focus on two elements that had been discussed by Kalsched (1999), namely dissociation and complexes. These are two intricate components relevant to depth psychology. Kalsched (1999) presents a depth oriented perspective on dissociation. For the sake of this discussion, dissociation refers to the various levels of disconnection … [Continue]