The Addiction Complex is a Jungian hermeneutic blog exploring the philosophy & psychodynamic concepts of human understanding in relation to addiction, symbolism, & trauma. To acknowledge metaphor as an expressive medium, or understanding of psyche.

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I work as a consultant, exploring, defining, and implementing solutions for individuals, businesses, and students. My approach towards procuring clarification and direction is based on my clinical experience in psychology.

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I provide literature reviews from provided research. Alternatively, I will conduct the research of published material and provide a literature review. I also write articles to appear on your blog or other medium. fill out the contact form so we can begin discussing your topics of interest and a time-frame.


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Addiction, Allegory, and the Unconscious

Datson (2013) wrote on an intriguing topic of metaphor and allegory, titled "Musings on Metaphor and Allegory" at Soul Spelunker. What intrigues me is how the expressed symbol (through metaphor) may be evoked from what is read, alluding to the hermeneutic process. Quilligan (1979) informed "all true narrative allegory has its source in a cultures … [Continue]