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Dissociation and Addiction: The Dilemma of Emotion

This article is now available in the March, 2014 edition of Sober World Magazine (p. 28). The summary and references for this article is provided below: Here I am observing the occurrence of addiction as both an individual and collective experience.  Addiction can be seen as a cyclical, chronic compulsion overwhelming the psyche to seek and use … [Continue]

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I have been dedicating the available time to my studies requiring me to pause the projects concerning my writing. I plan to have some writing available for August. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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Alchemy: The Unconscious Act of Projection

I have wanted to write more on the topic of alchemy, as there are many interpretations as to what alchemy may signify. As Linden (2003) had informed “current scholarly concern is much more with the variety and diversity of conceptions of alchemy, the multiplicity of its definitions, the theoretical and practical malleability that makes alchemy … [Continue]

Empathy and Addiction: A Quest for Connection

How is the individual to embrace an empathetic approach towards an individualized occurrence of addiction? Just as there are a variety of ways in how one might define empathy, there too is both a complex and chaotic understanding of addiction. Addiction is an emotionally charged experience for the world as a whole, which includes the individual as … [Continue]